What Must You Include in a Good Organic Soil Mix

Although, hydroponic farming is already being implemented, the traditional way of planting crops on soil is still the main method in growing plants. What may have changed is the amendment done on the earth to become a kind of organic soil. The use of the amended soil will result to a natural way of producing agricultural products that are chemical-free.
organic soil
The ground that we have today is composed of ordinary soil that may not be considered organic. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides had been used into it in the past. However, you can make a drastic change when you want to switch to organic farming. You can turn this into organic soil through the use of the right organic mix. The best mix to add consists of compost, manure, rock dust and mulch.

Adding compost to make organic soil

Every time you hear about organic gardening additive, the first thing that would be considered as component of an organic soil mix is compost. The use of compost materials is the cheapest way to fertilize and enrich your ordinary soil. The compost is a part of organic farming as the materials used are all natural. You can make your own compost or you can buy a bag or truckload of it.
Ordinary people have ordinary ways to make their compost. They simply gather all their kitchen and garden refuse and dump them in a hole dug in the ground. Then they cover the hole with the excavated ground and just let the refuse to rot underneath. You will find earthworms coming out later that signify that your compost is almost ready.
The real technique is as follows. You prepare a compost bin, either made of untreated lumber or concrete blocks. You layer this with plant wastes such as dried leaves, stems, twigs and grass clippings. You can also add sawdust, wood chips and kitchen refuse such as fruit and vegetable peels. If manure of grass-fed animals is available, you can include them in the compost. Cover the bin and let everything thrown therein to rot. Keep the compost moist by sprinkling little water from time to time. This is ready to use in 2 to 12 months.

An organic mix with manure

Animal or livestock manure is a part of the organic mix. Ensure that the manure comes from grass-fed livestock. This is the source of nitrogen, an essential nutrient that had been present in the commercial chemical fertilizers. Aside from animal manure, you can also have in the organic soil mix some green manure which also supplies nitrogen nutrient to the soil. Your green manure will consist of plant crops like oats, lupins and vetch plants.

Adding rock dusts and mulch

The organic soil must contain good amount of phosphorus. To have this nutrient, re-mineralization is the technique. You do this through the use of rock dusts to stabilize the phosphorus in the soil. The rock dust can be added to the mix by making it a part of the compost. You use the rock dust as layering in the compost. However, you can also add the rock dusts directly into the earth. It is imperative that the rock dusts are very small and fine particles.
Mulch is another important component of organic soil mix. Mulch is composed of materials laid on the surface of the ground to serve as covering. It prevents weed growth and it prevents fruit rot. This is an important component of the organic mix because it keeps the soil moist and it preserves the nutrients. After the plants are harvested, the mulch can be left where it is and would ultimately turn into soil.
If you are one kind of organic gardener who does not have time to create an organic soil mix, you can opt for the commercial organic fertilizers that are available in most gardening depots. This makes your task easier however you have to bear with the high cost of a ready-made commercial organic fertilizer.