Styles of Indoor Gardening – Soil, Hydroponics and Aeroponics

What are the ways by which you grow plants inside the house? With indoor gardening, you can also adapt different media by which you can grow your vegetation. You can plant on fertile soil or you can go soilless. In lieu of soil, you can plant in water or in the air, hydroponics and aeroponics respectively.
indoor gardening
Any plant can grow inside the house but not all plants will survive in soilless medium. This makes non-traditional indoor gardening more overwhelming. You should also know that the soilless way of vegetation is not limited to indoor plants as hydroponics and aeroponics can also be done outdoors. Just like any farming method, indoor plants will need nutrients, water and sunlight. Can water and air as media supply all these? It is time to discover your optionsyou’re your indoor garden.

Indoor gardening – growing plants in soil

Planting in soil is the conventional method of gardening. It is from the soil that plants get the nutrients for their growth. When growing the flora inside the house, you should be picky in the choice of soil. Today, organic gardening is the best way to grow plants. You get away from harmful toxins and natural indoor gardening will make your indoor air free from pollutants.
You can make use of soil from your backyard but to use this for organic indoor garden, you add compost or natural organic mix into the soil. You can also purchase good commercial organic soil or organic mix from plant depots. Remember that when using the soil dug from the backyard without any soil amendment, you run the risk of infestation. That soil could carry unwanted weeds and insects. Furthermore, the soil texture can either be too compact or porous; that will be detrimental to good water drainage.

Hydroponics – growing indoor plants in water

Hydroponics is derived from the word “water”, meaning that your plants will be grown in water instead of soil. This is a good alternative method for indoor gardening. Plants that are grown hydroponically will have a smaller root system. This does not mean though that the plants will not be supplied with abundant nutrients. The roots do not function to seek nutrients, instead, they are provided through special hydroponic fertilizer and water solution.
With your plants grown in water medium, maintenance is easier as it would not require weeding Moreover it is not prone to soil-borne plant diseases. You would not worry about infestation. Plants grow healthy because with this method of gardening, you can easily control the light, temperature, pH levels, humidity and nutrient and water supply.

Indoor garden with aeroponics technology

Aeroponics is another indoor gardening method that will let you grow plants in a soilless manner. Instead, your plants will thrive in air. With this method, plants are grown in chambers like tubes and troughs. Typically the chambers consist of upper and lower chambers.
The roots of the plants are suspended in the air giving the roots more space to grow. The method makes use of strong neoprene collars that are flexible to support and accommodate the growth of the plants. The plants get their food and nutrients from nutrient mist and smart lighting. What may be critical in the aeroponics indoor gardening is the right choice of superior fertilizer. You should ensure that the fertilizer, when sprayed will not clog.
The roots benefit a lot in aeroponics as they have more space to grow. Hanging in the air will enable the roots to absorb the nutrients and oxygen easily. With this method, plants have minimal chance of getting root zone diseases. And without solid materials, pathogens can be hindered from getting into the plants making them less prone to diseases. Aeroponics provides high plant survival rate and floral production.
With very limited space in your home, indoor gardening is the best option to have plants around. With the myriad of flora species, you can have a choice for plant cultivation – in soil, water or air. Would you prefer to grow them in soil or in soilless way?