Small Garden Designs for Illusions of Big Garden Space

We dream of a big garden but we do not usually have the chance to live in a spacious outdoor that will provide us with a huge space for gardening. Thus, we have to settle with a small garden but with the right small garden designs we can create the trick to make it look big.
small garden designs
The objective of creating an illusion of big space will require specific challenges. While it is possible to create a beautiful simple garden in confined areas like rooftop, balcony, a fresco or patio, it is more overwhelming to make a small space look big.

Space as a key factor for small garden designs

Space is a key when you want to create a beautiful garden. The more plants and colors in the vegetation, the more attractive the area is. But with a small space, you will think of how you can cram your desired plants and still make it look less crowded. That will require herculean effort.
When you rotate the small garden designs by 45 degrees, the space can be magnified to look larger and more interesting. A small garden design will make you allocate the corners of the garden to large planting pockets. With properly chosen plants, the pocket area can hide the patches and damages in the walls. The wall imperfections can then be disguised with cascading plants. When you add compost in this area, you can plant big flora species here to give an impression of huge space.

Suggestions in the design

You have to save space and for that, try to take note of the right proportion. A plant variety should not seem out of place. Every plant in the small garden designs should be related to one another. So, trim plants that take so much space so as not to cover the other smaller plants. If there is an empty wall, you can use this for vertical arrangement. You can have small plants on small containers or pots from the ground going up to the top of the wall. Make this your herbal garden area.
If you are creating a flower garden instead of vegetable garden, be sure to choose the right plants that will produce the desired colors of flowers. Small garden designs have suggested floral color location. In the midst of the garden orange, yellow and red colors of flowers are best. Blue and purple colored flowers planted on the garden’s boundaries will make the area appear spacious. Fence will make the space small so grow climbing plants on the fence.
Outside of the small garden, you can make paths or add steps. Walkways in the garden with curved endings can make the garden look big. The step and curves will also create an expanded illusion.

Importance of maintenance to keep the small garden design

Planning well is the secret of small garden designs. But the design must also take into consideration the requirements for its maintenance. The maintenance then of the garden should not be a hard chore to you. Instead, it should be a task that is enjoyable in order for you to keep tending your small garden. The plants have to grow healthy in order for the garden to look good. With dying plants, the smallness of the garden space will be very glaring.