Organic Weed Control – The Way to Stop Using Harmful Chemicals

Gardeners have two big enemies; these are weeds and pests. In the past chemical herbicides and pesticides are the weapons to kill them and drive them out of the yard. However, gardeners are discouraged in using the old method of using chemicals and instead are encouraged to go for the organic weed control as well as organic pest control. Chemicals can leach into the plants and the toxins can be harmful to people consuming the edible parts of the plants.
organic weed control
Getting rid of weeds naturally is taught by gardening experts. You will find that there are indeed a vast number of organic weed control alternatives. Well, the organic weed sprays are usually more expensive than the pesticides with chemicals. But if you have pets and children frequenting your plots and garden, you can make a little sacrifice cost-wise. However, there are other organic weed control ways that will not necessitate big outlay of bucks; manual weeding and home-prepared weed control sprays are examples.

Manual organic weed control

Indeed the most natural way is to manually pull off the unwanted weeds. You will not worry about drifts of the herbicides on the other desirable plants. However, there is no assurance that you get them all out and besides, the weeds’ roots and seeds may stay to cause continuous weed growth. There is no guarantee that in weeding by hand no seeds or roots are left behind.
In addition weeding by hand is a tedious task and bending over to pull them off can cause back pains. You can try the no-bend manual weeding; you only have to use a hoe. Working with this long-handled gardening implement, you can dislodge the baby weeds and have their roots exposed to the sun for burning. You just have to do this frequently so that you are also able to catch those weeds that are beginning to grow.

Home-prepared herbicides to control the growth of weeds

Organic herbicides can be made as natural weed control sprays; natural weed fighters that you can DIY in the comfort of your home. A lot of experienced gardeners cite that highly acidic ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice can kill the weeds. When you add salt to vinegar, the mixture can dehydrate the weeds until they die. Indeed, vinegar is the most commonly used herbicide.
You can use vinegar and salt separately. If the weeds are already tough, spray vinegar in a row so that you can wilt and kill the leaves. For the salt, you can just surround the base of the weed with pinch of salt.
In addition to salt and vinegar, you can just pour boiling water on the weeds. There are more other household products that can serve as organic weed control; organic soap and plant oil blends among others.

Commercial natural pesticides

If the DIY remedies of organic weed control do not produce result, it is time for you to go to a gardening depot and purchase organic herbicides. There are different effective herbal herbicides in the market. Ensure that you spray them only on the weeds as they kill any plants that have their leaves coated with the organic herbicide.
After eliminating the weeds, it will be time for preventive measures. Ensure that there will be no immediate need for organic weed control. Apply a layer of mulch on your soil; mulch prevents the weeds from re-growing.