Organic Weed Control as Best Way to Deal with Unwanted Weeds

Weeds are also plants that grow in the garden. They are undesirable because they siphon the nutrients that should otherwise go to the preferred plants. As the weeds multiply fast, you will have to control the growth; the best technique involves organic weed control. In this period, the use of chemical weed control sprays is discouraged. This is extremely harmful to the environment and to the health of people.
In reality, the chemical herbicides can be considered more harmful than being useful. These do not only destroy the undesirable weeds but they too kill the needed organisms. The toxins in the chemical herbicides pollute the soil and they too contaminate the ground water. Have you realized that you can deal with the harmful plants through harmless organic weed control? This does not mean that you depend on the natural herbicides that can be acquired from garden shops; you can apply a number of proven natural garden practices.

Common organic weed control ways

As you begin exploring the various ways of organic weed control, take note that in so doing, you may also endanger the good plants so take are. The most common way of getting rid of the weeds is just pulling them off. Your hands are your instruments. But this too time consuming and tiring too. Moreover, you might skip some weeds and such will start the growth of other weeds as their seeds germinate. You can use digging implements like hoe to dig the soil and kill the weeds.
There are some other ways being commonly done like spraying organic weed control herbicides. You can make your own or you can buy the commercial organic herbicides from garden stores. It is easier now to concoct your own spray as the internet guides you on their preparation. However, it is more convenient to just buy a bottle from the nearby garden depot.

Mulching, solarization and smothering to control weeds

Controlling the growth of undesirable weeds is not only done through herbicides. Other ways which can be considered as organic weed control methods are mulching, solarization and smothering. You can consider them natural as they do not incorporate chemicals as they deter the growth of weeds.
• Mulching is layering protective materials on the surface of the earth. This is organic in nature if you only spread natural materials like grass clippings, wood chips, straw, hay or organic compost. It fails to become organic if the spread consist of stones, rock and brick chips. When you cover the ground, you choke the weeds and you attract also beneficial insects.
• Soil solarization is removing the weeds by burning them out. Actually this is a non-chemical process to kill weeds as well as pests through the use of high heat generated from the sun. If the process is conducted at 99 degrees Fahrenheit for two to four weeks, the emergence of annual weeds is prevented.
• Smolthering is cutting off the weeds from the supply of sunlight. You cover the weeds with natural materials like organic mulch, barks of trees or pine needles. Depriving the weeds of sunlight will kill them.

Home recipes for natural control of weeds

You can try commonly used organic weed control herbicides. Here are some that are easy to do at home.
• Mix 4 cups white vinegar, ¼ cup salt and 2 teaspoons liquid detergent. Mix all ingredients well and place in a sprayer. Spray and eradicate weeds.
• Use salt dissolved in warm water. The proportion is 1 cup rock salt to 2 cups warm water. You can increase the quantity of your spray but adhere to the proportion of 1:2. You will find the weeds turning brownish in color.
There are some people who make use of vinegar and salt combination for herbicide and there are those who make use of solely vinegar. More garden enthusiasts allege that the resulting organic weed control spray is more potent with the inclusion of detergent.