Garden Tips and Design for Herb Enthusiasts

There are different kinds of gardens that can be set up in your home; you can have a flower or vegetable garden. Although the herb garden falls under the vegetable garden type, there are different reasons for establishing herb garden in one’s home. Having this indoors or outdoors, the herb garden can be your source of medical remedies and culinary needs or it is simply decorative in your kitchen window sill or vertical garden.
garden tips
Your garden tips will always emphasize that the planning stage is the most critical. If you do not plan it right, there is a big chance that your herb garden project is a disaster. But planning correctly and ahead of planting time, you will find things to fall into proper place. You will smell the exotic fragrance of basil, cinnamon, mint and others forming a special kind of scented garden.
There are different designs for the herb garden. You can plant different kinds in small pots and place them in the window sill of your kitchen. You can have a small herb garden where you plant different herbs in one big pot. If you want a formal herb garden, you will have a precise design that may include proper landscaping. Whatever is our desired design, your search for garden tips will center on soil or ground, garden location and size.

Garden tips on soil and ground condition

A novice in herb gardening will search for black, hearty and nutrient-rich soil. Garden tips will tell you that this is not so because herbs are comparable to weeds such that they can grow in any type of soil and environment. They will surely flourish in soils where other plants would not. However, it is always a good idea to make your soil fertile by adding natural organic matter like compost. Going organic is beneficial to your health if you use them for culinary purposes because they are chemical-free. Your organic herbs will not only smell good but your harvests will have a perfect taste too.

Location of the garden

As for location garden tips, it is your decision as to where you want the herb garden to be. If you intend to use the herbs regularly in your cooking expedition, the best location would be near the kitchen. Bear in mind that when they are frequently called for in your recipes, have them as nearly as possible to your kitchen or at least it is accessible easily through the kitchen.
There are other herb garden tips. You have to consider the chosen location relative to sunlight. Most herbs need to be exposed to the sun’s rays but you must never forget that they should not be placed under direct sunlight for too long. It is best that your herb garden will be under partial shade in the afternoon.

Size of the garden

As these plants do not really grow very robust and high, 6 to 10 square foot area will already suffice to supply you with fresh herbs for the whole growing season. When planning this garden, you also have to remember again that herbs are like weeds in that they tend to spread out fast. So early on, determine how big you want your herb space to be.
Did you know that following these garden tips will make your herb garden a good part of your home? But as you start setting it up, you must ensure that you have planned well and that you have considered its location, size and soil type.