Everyday Salad with Easy to Grow Vegetables

Does a plant need a “green thumb” individual to make it grow? That is just a belief which is not always true because anyone can farm easy to grow vegetables as long as tender loving care is given to the plant. Some plant lovers even talk and sing to the plants. Caring is easy because it only involves rich soil, sufficient sunlight and enough water. In addition, ensure that no pests destroy them.
easy to grow vegetables
If you are a novice or a beginner in gardening veggies, you should start with easy to grow vegetables that would require little time and effort. There are some kinds of veggies that are suitable to beginning gardeners. And the best thing in this is that the easy to grow vegetables consist of veggies that you can have for everyday salads. You do not need to go to the supermarket to buy your salad greens, tomatoes and cucumbers. You can grow them in your backyard albeit you are not one with “green thumb”.

Lettuce and other salad greens are easy to grow vegetables.

To start a regular supply of fresh salad greens, consider planting and nurturing nutrient-rich lettuce. These leafy greens are very easy to grow and they can flourish in great abundance. As they require small space, they can be planted in containers, raised beds and backyard row gardens. You can choose from different varieties like Oak leaf, Romaine, Iceberg, Butterhead and Asparagus lettuce. Since these leafy greens are vegetables that grow fast and easily, you can harvest them every three weeks and will ensure that your table will always have a steady supply of salad every day.

Growing tomatoes for your daily salad

Tomatoes have many uses in cooking and are great ingredients for salads. They are easy to grow vegetables that can thrive in any size of garden and in any medium. You can grow them in containers, pots or even hanging baskets. What is required though is sufficient sunlight. The best varieties that go with lettuce for salads are the cherry tomatoes.
You can grow more tomatoes in a cage but they require less of your time and effort when they are grown in lesser quantity. Smallest work is needed when you plant the hybrid patio varieties. Maintenance of the plant is not very strict because forgetting to water them for a day would not affect the growth so much. In fact, some tomato growers’ tip is to make them taste better with less water.

Cucumbers are among the easiest to grow at the backyard.

Another vegetable in your everyday salad is cucumber. It may not come to your mind that this is one of the easy to grow vegetables at home. They can be grown using vertical gardening in your tiny space thus making them readily available for your everyday salad. They grow abundantly so when you pick the fruits, you can store them in the refrigerator’s vegetable chiller and use them for other purposes aside from being an ingredient in your everyday salad. Freshly cut, they can be a beauty product where they help eliminate eye bags.
Aside from lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, there are more other easy to grow vegetables especially root crops like carrots, turnips and radishes. The salad vegetables as well as these root crops can be planted early in spring and they are abundant until fall season. Why not try growing green beans and zucchini too? They can also be among the easy vegetables to grow in your garden. Gaining expertise in the cultivation of these vegetables, how about growing them in commercial quantity?