Easy to Grow Vegetables Suitable for Vertical Gardening

Living in the metropolis where you take residence in apartments or townhouses, you are constrained to have your little garden of easy to grow vegetables. There is no space for your gardening; this is what you think so you believe growing the vegetables is impossible. This is no longer true as you can develop to become an urban gardener. In fact, vegetables can be grown anywhere with modern farming technology.
easy to grow vegetables
When you are space-challenged, one of the methods to cultivate easy to grow vegetables in the city is via a vertical garden. You only need to have a bare vertical space such as fence or house exterior wall. Do not think that you are supposed to grow climbing vegetables. You can grow a variety of veggies for your everyday cooking needs. You just need garden rack, the size of your space and pieces of wooden planks to frame the garden rack. You can plant the vegetables in pots or any container and hang these on the rack, vertically.

Types of vertical gardens to plant easy to grow vegetables

Almost any easy to grow vegetables can be cultivated in this vertical garden. The different styles for growing veggies vertically are shelves, hanging baskets and trellises.
• Shelves – Growing the vegetables in containers, you can arrange the shelves as high as the available space allows. You just have to ensure that the plants will receive adequate sunlight. You can make use of any kind of container but the best ones are those that have slats. These kinds of planter medium will allow air circulation and dripping of excess water. You may just have to concentrate on watering the uppermost shelves and the water from the top will drip down to the lower shelves.
• Hanging baskets – These sorts of containers are better left hanging in the balcony, veranda, porch or other suitable hangers. In fact, you can place them on tree branches or posts as long as they are able to receive sufficient sunlight for their growing needs. Hanging basket method tends to dry out immediately so you have to ensure that your easy to grow vegetables are regularly supplied with their needed water. There are different kinds of veggies that are suitable to hanging basket cultivation.
• Trellises – This method is used for vine crops like squash and bitter gourd. A fence can also serve as trellis. You can even place a ladder inclined to an empty wall to make this your trellis.
Most plants grow well with abundance of sunlight. But then, there are also those that can thrive with just minimal amount. As an urban gardener, you have to be aware of what kinds of plant to grow when your available space receives sufficient sunlight. In the absence of sunlight sufficiency, you can still plant your easy to grow vegetables as there are those that grow without high amount of sunlight.

Vegetables grown with abundant sunlight

Of course you have more choices of vegetables to plant when your space has lots of sunlight. Your choices are tomatoes, beans, radishes, peppers, carrots and potatoes. The peppers and the cherry tomatoes can be planted in hanging baskets. You can also grow the trailing plants like squash or pumpkin.

Types of vegetables suitable to shady area

Vegetables that can grow well with subdued sunlight are leafy veggies. You can then plant lettuce, cabbage and other greens when there is insufficiency of the sun rays. For instance, if your residence is surrounded by buildings such that you patio or terrace is shaded most of the day, you can choose these plants as they grow well in shaded areas.
You can be creative and have a vertical garden in your surroundings. You do not need a big space for your easy to grow vegetables. You can adapt the vertical gardening where you choose your style from shelves, hanging baskets or trellises.